Open Throw

Walk on in & learn how to throw!

Quick Details

  • Offered: Wednesday 7-10 pm

North Bay Open Axe Throw Sessions

Never thrown an axe before? No problem! Our axperts are ready to show you the best techniques to this fun indoor activity in Ontario!

Open throw is a one-hour walk-in axe throwing session for people who want to try it but don’t want to book a group. Open throw is treated like a public gym where participants who come out share the area and equipment. There is an axe coach on hand at all open throw sessions in North Bay to show you how to throw.

These axe throwing sessions are offered on Wednesday nights, from 7 – 10 pm, making it perfect for a midweek outing or opportunity to vent some frustration from the office! Discover your inner lumberjack and become an axpert at axe throwing!

What to Wear

We recommend wearing a loose fitting shirt that allows your arms to move freely. Closed-toed shoes are mandatory. Crocs, softer constructed shoes (like Toms, etc.), and high heels are strongly discouraged.