Axe Throwing League

Quick Details

  • League Duration: 8 weeks
  • Begins: JAN 8th
  • Runs: 6-9 pm each Tuesday

Thunder Bay Axe Throwing League

Our Ontario axe throwing league runs every Tuesday at 6 pm for seven weeks. League members must have their own NATF approved axe. Axes are available for purchase from Northern Axperts for $20 +HST. This is an individual sport. Each player is guaranteed three to four matches per league night.

Players may also come in the hours before and practice at 6 pm. Join our league member Facebook group to keep up with stats, share pictures, and keep in touch. Don’t have Facebook? Don’t worry our league conveyor will contact you with all important updates.

What to Wear

We recommend wearing a loose fitting shirt that allows your arms to move freely. Closed-toed shoes are mandatory. Crocs, softer constructed shoes (like Toms, etc.), and high heels are strongly discouraged.